Tre’s 2nd Baby Blanket

I did this one for my nephew using the Martha Stewart loom set.  I used all of the long pieces so that it would be as wide as possible.  Unfortunately, this loom set apparently wasn’t meant to be used to double knit that way, and the middle section began to squeeze together.  You can tell in the blanket, because the middle stitches are much tighter than the stitches closer to the edges.  I still like the pattern, though, and I’ll probably re-do this one when I get my new 36″ Authentic Knitting Board that I just ordered.  I’m so excited!  I used brown edges and the earth & sky yarn for the center.  It was so nice and soft!  I love the color scheme, so I might do one for myself after I finish the new one for baby Tre.  🙂  Perhaps the stitches will begin to even out after a few washes (*crossing fingers*)…

2 thoughts on “Tre’s 2nd Baby Blanket”

    1. Thank you very much for the suggestion! I’ve been trying to find a theme that feels right. It’s just so tough to choose one!

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