Ribbed Knit Scarf

I took the knitting course at Joann’s after I took the crocheting course.  I thought that it would be confusing doing them back-to-back like that…but it wasn’t at all!  I actually did pretty well in the lesson.  I got a lot of, “Why doesn’t mine look like hers?” from my neighbor.  Bless her heart, but I don’t know how she was even attempting to handle the needles like she was!  It was hilarious, because there was a 10-year-old girl there from the children’s classes, and she taught her mom how to cast on and knit the basic stitch before the instructor was able to teach some of the adult students how to do the knit stitch.  I suppose knitting isn’t for everyone…

Anywho, one of my friends came over yesterday, and he was wearing a ribbed scarf that he paid $30 for from the GAP.  I told him I was going to make him a ribbed scarf for a fraction of that cost, and he didn’t believe me, so I think I found a pretty easy pattern.  I like it.  I was able to memorize it pretty quickly (and I have a horrible memory), so that should tell you just how NOT hard the pattern is!  I’m using the Red Heart Super Saver yarn, Earth & Sky colors that my boyfriend got me for Christmas.  I wasn’t sure how the variegated yarn would do, but it looks like it will probably be making a little criss-cross pattern as I continue.  I’m hoping that it will turn out okay.  *crossing fingers*  This is my first real knitted project, so I need it to work for me…LOL

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