Michelle's Scarf

Michelle’s Scarf

This was my quickest scarf yet!  Michelle’s specifically asked that I do her a scarf like my infinity scarf.  I wanted to see if I could do one on the loom, so I gave it a shot.


Michelle's Scarf

I must have started, unraveled, and restarted this one about 10 times before I got it to my desired width.  I used one strand of Red Heart yarn, and I didn’t double knit this one.  I used only one side of the red KK loom, with a normal e-wrap stitch.  When it was time to switch colors, I joined the purple to the white, as one typically would for a color change.  At the end, I also found a way to join the purple and white ends together on the loom as well.  I’m not even sure how I did it, but the seam was not nearly as ugly as some that I’ve done in the past.

Because it isn’t a double-knit scarf, it doesn’t have as much structure as the other two.  However, I actually like the way that the ends curl in.  It made it sort of a tube infinity scarf.  I have to make me one now.  🙂

Michelle insisted on taking a picture in her new scarf.  She loves to wrap it around her neck until it’s more of a neckwarmer than a scarf.

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