Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are the questions that I get asked most often. I’ll do my best to answer them here!

Is the pattern for single crochet or C2C?

If the pattern doesn’t say that it’s for C2C in the title, then the written instructions are for single crochet graphghans.

When will I receive my pattern?

Normal orders are available immediately upon payment. Custom orders are done in 1-7 days (depending on how many custom orders I have at the time) and emailed to you.

Will the pattern be mailed to my house?

They are NOT mailed to you. The patterns are available for download immediately after purchase. (Except the personalized/custom patterns, which I have to create/edit and manually email.)

What size will my finished product be?

Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to give estimates on that. It will depend on your gauge, hook size, etc. But here are some “industry standard” size estimates that people seem to use (for single crochet):


  • Pillows: 65×65
  • Body Pillow: 240×70
  • Baby: 100×100
  • Crib: 100×150
  • Throw: 150×150
  • Twin: 130×200
  • Full: 150×250
  • Queen: 200×300 
  • King: 300×300
What hook size should I use?

This is all a matter of personal preference. You should try some swatches to see what you prefer. My personal favorite is this I hook. But my customers use anything from an F to a K, as far as I know.

What yarn colors do I need?

Because I have customers from all over the world, I know that not everyone has access to the same yarn brands. Therefore, the color names in my patterns are generic color names. What I usually do is go to the yarn store with the pattern on my phone, and I try to match up the colors the best I can. I do the same when shopping online for yarn.

Do you make patterns from photos? Do you take custom requests?

Yes and yes. Please shoot me an email on my Custom Pattern Request page and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

I see a pattern that I like, but it’s written for single crochet. Can you make it for C2C?

Maybe. Of course, single crochet graphs are much larger than C2C graphs. So it depends on the detail in the SC pattern. I might be able to shrink it down to an acceptable C2C size. Either way, go to my Custom Pattern Request page to let me know what you want!

Where can I buy yarn online?

I’ve personally bought yarn on Amazon and on Joann Fabric. You can also purchase yarn at Michaels and Hobby Lobby online.

I’ve never done a graphghan before. Any tips?

If you can do single crochet (or C2C) and change colors, you can do a graphghan! It’s easier than you think, especially with my patterns that don’t require you to count any squares.