Black & White Loom Knit Scarf

In going through the books on loom knitting, scarves tend to be the first patterns that they suggest working on.  So I did.  I just didn’t realize how long it was supposed to be until it started feeling like it would never end!!!  This thing probably ended up being 60″-70″ long, double knit on my Knifty Knitter loom.  I’m not even much of a scarf person, but after all the time I spent on this one, it was getting worn!  I wore it to my brother’s house to visit him and my nephew, and before I could scoop even Tre up to smother him auntie kisses, my brother was eyeing my scarf.  “You are sick for this scarf…”  He put it on, wrapped it around his neck (about one hundred times, it seemed), and never took it off.  It’s not nearly perfectly even, but hey…it’s my first attempt!!!

Needless to say, I didn’t leave with the scarf.  My brother has been wearing it almost daily ever since.  Here’s a pic of him “styling and profiling” in it.  And before I headed back home, he insisted that I make one for his girlfriend, in pink and black.  So, here comes my next project!!!

I look forward to it.  But I have to hurry.  Christmas is right around the corner!Lars in Scarf

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